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Bad puns and rude shocks since 1981

22 February 1981
Just starting to figure out who I am, and it's not who I thought I was, so you'll forgive me if I'm not forthcoming with a self description.
absolutely fabulous, accents, animal totems, animals, anime, artsy people, balding men, bear porn, beards, bears, bears and cubs, being out, body hair, books, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoons, charmed, chest hair, chests, chocolate, club music, clubbing, clubs, cockatiels, cocksucking, comedy, comics, computers, cubs, cuddlesluts, cuddling, dance music, dancing, dick, disco music, disney, douglas adams, drag queens, dragons, drawn together, equality, facial hair, fairly odd parents, fantasy, fellatio, food, french and saunders, fur, furry gay men, furry men, gay, gay adoption, gay bears, gay culture, gay marriage, gay people, gay porn, gay rights, gay sex, getting better at communication, gilmore girls, gimme gimme gimme, glbt, glbt rights, goatees, grammar, greek elements, greek men, griffins, guys, hairy bears, hairy bellies, hairy chests, hairy gay men, hairy men, heroes, hoarding, homosexuality, homosexuals, human rights, humor, internet, italian men, jennifer saunders, kath & kim, kindness, kissing, laughing, liquid television, livejournal, manga, marvel, men, muscle-bound men, musclebears, musclecubs, muscles, nintendo, no to war, obsessing, ocean, oral, oral sex, pecs, perving, pets, pizza, pokemon, pop culture, procrastinating, procrastination, queer, reading, rugby players, same-sex marriage, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, sega, self-medicating with carbs, sex, snuggling, so graham norton, spelling things correctly, spirit animals, spongebob squarepants, spooning, star trek, stocky men, stubble, suits, swimming, taxi cab confessions, thinking, uniforms, vegimite, video games, water, weblogs, weightlifters, world's strongest man, x-men, x-men comics, , ♂♂